How to Mount a Flat Screen over the Fireplace and Hide the Wires

Flat-screen televisions have many advantages to their older counterparts; the ability to wall-mount the television is just one benefit.
Wall mounting a flat-screen television is the ideal solution in a room with little space for extra furniture. Placing the flat-screen TV above a fireplace creates a warm, comfortable atmosphere. Disguising the wires and cords with wire covers helps give the setup a seamless appearance.

Step 1

Read the manufacturer's instructions on the TV wall-mount kit. Remove the television stand from the flat screen for wall mounting. Find the mounting holes on the backside of the television. Remove the protective caps from the mounting holes with the screwdriver. Attach the mounting arms into the mounting holes with the bolts from the wall-mount kit. Make sure the mounting arms are of equal height. Set the flat-screen aside and prop the television up in a safe place where the screen faces upward.

Step 2

Use the stud finder to determine the location of studs above the fireplace. Mark their location with the pencil. Test the areas for a stud by hammering in a nail. Measure the height of the fireplace from the floor up. Consider placing the flat screen 4 to 12 inches above the fireplace, if the fireplace is lower than 4 feet high. Install the television 4 to 6 inches above the fireplace if the fireplace is higher than 4 feet from the floor.

Step 3

Measure the distance between the top and bottom holes for each mounting arm. Indicate the two measurements on the wall. Check that the mounting holes are even by using a level. Drill the holes in the wall for the wall bracket screws. Fasten the wall bracket plate to the wall with the screws from the mounting kit.

Step 4

Connect the cables to the television before mounting it. Lift the flat screen to the wall mount with the help of another person. Ask a third person to lock the mounting arms into place on the wall bracket. Ensure that the mounting arms fit securely into position. Test the flat screen with a couple of light tugs. Turn on the television and make sure it works.

Step 5

Measure the length of cables that need hiding. Use the hacksaw to cut the correct length of cord cover needed. Put the cables into the cord cover. Snap the cord cover closed. Peel off the back adhesive strip to stick the cord cover to the wall in an even line.

Things You Will Need

  • Magnetic screwdriver with Phillips and slotted bits
  • TV wall-mount kit (screws, bolts, 2 mounting arms and wide wall bracket plate)
  • Stud finder
  • Pencil
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Tape measure
  • Level
  • Power drill
  • Cord cover kit
  • Fine-toothed hacksaw


  • For the tightest fit, think about purchasing the wall-mount kit from the same manufacturer who made the flat-screen television.
  • If viewing the flat-screen from a chair or couch is uncomfortable, consider using an adjustable angle wall mount.
  • Paint the cord cover to match the wall’s decor.


  • If your house or apartment has metal studs in the wall, you cannot wall mount your television because, typically, metal studs cannot support the weight of the flat screen.
  • Do not try to mount the flat screen by yourself; have at least two other people helping.

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