DIY Plexiglass Sheet Room Divider

Renee Miller

Plexiglass is a versatile material that, unlike glass, can withstand jarring and movement without the risk of breakage or damage. For children who share a room, the addition of an innovative room divider can turn shared spaces into a world of wonder. Pull out your hand tools, and set aside a weekend to put together this Plexiglass sheet room divider that will provide years of enjoyment, inspiring the young scientists in your family with its aesthetically pleasing style.

Plexiglass is durable enough to use as a room divider.

Step 1

Make holes one inch from the the top corners of four identical pieces of 4-by-8-foot Plexiglass. Use a 1/2-inch drill bit.

Step 2

Screw two heavyweight eye hooks into the ceiling. Place the hooks 46 inches apart, positioning them where you wish to hang your room divider.

Step 3

Cover a large flat surface with newspaper in a well-ventilated area. Lay one piece of Plexiglass on the paper.

Step 4

Use a wax crayon to draw a series of 2-inch-wide, winding ant tunnels from the top of the sheet to the bottom.

Step 5

Flip the Plexiglass upside down, and place another sheet evenly on top of it. Trace the lines of the tunnels onto the top piece, creating mirror image tunnels that will appear in the completed room divider.

Step 6

Lay both sections of Plexiglass next to each other, right side up. Tape off the ant tunnels with masking tape.

Step 7

Scatter a single layer of aquarium pebbles and gravel over both pieces, covering them completely.

Step 8

Coat the gravel in faux stone-textured spray paint. Allow the paint to dry for two hours, then apply a second coat. Dry both pieces for four hours.

Step 9

Stand the first section of Plexiglass upright, allowing any loose gravel to fall to the newspaper. Brush away any clumps or excess gravel with a paint brush. Lean the sheet against a wall, and repeat this process with the second piece of Plexiglass. Lean it next to the other piece when finished. Discard the excess gravel and paper.

Step 10

Lay the other two sheets of Plexiglass on clean newspaper. Paint both in one even coat of opaque, white spray paint. Allow it to dry for two hours. Set them aside after drying.

Step 11

Remove the masking tape from the first two sections of Plexiglass. Draw the outlines of 1 3/4-inch ants running along the tunnels using black marker. Fill in the ant outlines with black acrylic paint. Apply a second coat of black paint if necessary, and allow it to dry for one hour.

Step 12

Lay the gravel-covered Plexiglass sheets on the flat surface, gravel side up. Place the painted sections evenly on top of them, paint side down.

Step 13

Drill holes, two inches from each corner, into the two pairs of Plexiglass, using a 3/8-inch drill bit. Screw 1 1/2-inch, flat, socket-cap screws into the holes. Secure the Plexiglass sheets together by twisting flange nuts to the ends of the bolts.

Step 14

Stand each ant farm room divider upright. Place them back to back, with the opaque paint facing outward. Hold them flat together as you thread the corner holes over the eye hooks screwed into the ceiling.