How to Secure French Doors Against Burglars

French doors are double-opening glass doors that can be installed within the home, connecting two rooms, or lead to an outdoor area.
Protect your home by securing French doors.Protect your home by securing French doors.
A double cylinder deadbolt is unlocked using a key from inside or outside so a thief could smash one of the window panes but wouldn't be able to unlock the deadbolt. A burglar could break glass and unlock a single cylinder deadbolt; however, there are security measures for French doors.

Step 1

Install a security alarm system to your home even if you have a double cylinder deadbolt on your French doors to ensure home safety. Make sure that the French doors are connected to the system. If your French doors are opened, flashing lights or sirens will alert you and neighbors of a break-in. A monitored alarm system is even more effective because a private company will monitor your home 24 hours a day and alert the police in the event of an attempted entry. Glass-break sensors can be added to wireless alarm systems as well.

Step 2

Apply window security film to the glass panes in your French doors for home security. A clear, polyester sheet is applied to the inside of your doors. Should a burglar try to smash the glass panes, the glass might shatter but the film will hold all the shards of glass together so that he is unable to get a hand through to unlock the doors. Repeated blows with a heavy object could create a small hole in a glass pane, but that would require time and noise and most likely attract unwanted attention that would typically deter a burglar.

Step 3

Install slide bolts to French doors because securing the doors to each other is not an effective home safety measure. Slide bolts, also known as flush bolts, are attached to the door that is not used for entry, which makes it more difficult to force the active door open. The best slide bolts are ones that can be locked; however, your family would still be able to exit in the event of a fire if the bolts.

Things You Will Need

  • Double cylinder deadbolt lock
  • Security alarm system
  • Window security film
  • Slide bolts
  • Motion sensors


  • Install motion sensors above or around your French doors on the outside. Should an intruder come within a short distance of your French doors, lights automatically will come on or the sensor will set off an alarm to scare the burglar away.

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