How to Attach a Lattice Screen to a Deck Railing

Sarah Schreiber

A lattice screen is a type of wooden panel with equally spaced holes throughout. Meant for use outside, you can train vines and other creeping plants to grow through the holes to fill in the lattice and create a lush wall of greenery. Attaching a lattice to your deck railing is a simple process and allows you to bring life to the space.

Grow creeping vines on your deck lattice.

Step 1

Cut the lattice screen down to the size appropriate for your deck railing. Mark the measurements onto the wood and use a circular saw to make the cuts.

Step 2

Cut four pieces of 1-by-4 wood to form a frame that fits around the lattice screen, which gives it a solid base to attach to the deck railing and prevents warping of the wood over time.

Step 3

Form a rectangle with the frame wood and attach at the corners with a mending plate and corner joint. Use a drill to screw these metal pieces into place.

Step 4

Turn the completed frame over and place the lattice screen on top. Screw it onto the frame using washers and 1-inch pan-head screws.

Step 5

Line up the framed lattice screen with the edge of your deck railing. Nail the frame to the deck railing using 2-inch wire nails.