How to Make a Pendant Light Out of a Galvanized Bucket

Creating useful objects from used materials helps keep these items from landfills and creates new uses for them. A pendant light made from a galvanized bucket provides you with a hanging light that can give your room a rustic look while illuminating the room. Making this type of light from a bucket allows you to transform something you no longer have a use for into something you can use for many years to come.

You can make pendant lights from many different materials.

Step 1

Remove the metal handle from the bucket. Set it aside to use later.

Step 2

Turn the bucket bottom-side-up.

Step 3

Measure across the center of the bucket bottom from at least two directions and find the exact center.

Step 4

Drill a hole into the center of the bucket bottom that is just big enough to feed the plug end of the replacement lamp cord through. The socket end of the cord, which is the end where you insert the bulb, shouldn't fit through the hole.

Step 5

Pull the plug end of the replacement lamp cord through the hole in the bottom from the inside toward the outside. Stop when the socket touches the bottom of the bucket.

Step 6

Seal the hole with duct tape to help hold the socket in place on the bottom of the bucket. Use duct tape both on the inside and outside of the bucket.

Step 7

Use a pliers to pinch the bucket handle to a point at its midpoint. Punch two holes into the bucket near the bucket bottom directly across from each other with the screwdriver and hammer.

Step 8

Insert the two ends of the bucket handle through these two holes to create a hanger for the lamp to take the pressure off the cord as it hangs.

Step 9

Flip the bucket right-side up and bend the handle ends toward the bottom of the bucket to hold the handle in place in its new position.

Step 10

Flip the bucket back so its bottom and the cord are toward the ceiling again.

Step 11

Punch holes into the side of the bucket using a screwdriver as the chisel and a hammer to pound the screwdriver through the metal. Create a pattern design or make random piercings. These holes will glow when you light the lamp.

Step 12

Screw a light bulb into the socket inside the lamp. Plug it in to ensure it works.

Step 13

Drill a hole into the ceiling for a ceiling hook or into the wall for a plant hanger. Install the corresponding hardware into the ceiling or wall with the included screws.

Step 14

Hang the pendant light bucket from the hook or hanger by the bucket handle. Feed the cord up to the hook or hanger and thread it through.

Step 15

Run the cord to the wall and down to the electrical outlet. Cover the cord with a decorative cord cover if desired.

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