How to Convert Natural Gas to LP on a Frigidaire Stove

Like other gas appliances, Frigidaire ships their gas stoves ready for use with a natural gas supply. However, most ranges come with a propane, or liquid petroleum (LP), conversion kit as well. Since propane needs higher pressure to ignite, the orifices need to be smaller on the stove and to the gas supply line on the stove to accomodate this. After you fix the orifice openings your stove will be ready to run on propane.

Step 1

Locate the gas regulator on the bottom left hand side of the back of your stove. Turn the gas regulator dial to 11 inches of pressure for propane gas.

Step 2

Remove the burner grates and covers to expose the gas orifices. Match each LP orifice with each burner. The burner and LP orifice part number will match.

Step 3

Use the wrench to tighten the LP conversion orifices over each of the burner’s orifices on your Frigidaire stove.

Step 4

Place the burner grates and covers back on the stove.