How to Make Vertical Broiler

Cook shaved lamb and pork with a rotisserie vertical broiler.
MIG welders are often used for metal broiler frameworks.MIG welders are often used for metal broiler frameworks.
These kinds of broilers are often found at street-food stands. A vertical broiler holds stacks of meat on a rotisserie rod next to a cooking element. The meat cooks evenly as the rotisserie rotates. While the outside of the meat cooks, the cooked meat is cut off and put into sandwiches, shwarmas wraps and other dishes. Weld a vertical broiler together in a couple of hours spent in a metal shop with novice metalworking experience.

Step 1

Lay 22-inch metal sheet flat and set the 12-by-12-inch metal sheet perpendicularly on top of it. Position the sheet so it is parallel with the 12-inch edges on the 22-inch sheet and space it 4 inches away from one of the 12-inch edges. Weld the two sheets together with your MIG welder. Weld each of the three 4-by-12-inch sheets at a right angle to the last three remaining edges of the 12-by-12-inch sheet. This is the base to the vertical broiler. All of the bottom edges of the 4-by-12-inch sheets are aligned with the bottom edge of the 12-by-22-inch sheet. This is the vertical broiler stand.

Step 2

Draw two intersecting lines across the 12-by-12-inch sheet so that each is perpendicular to the 12-inch edges and 6 inches away from each corner. They intersect at the center of the sheet. Drill a hole through this intersection so its diameter equals the size of the meat rod. Position the meat rod through the hold so the motor is inside the base. Weld the mounting bracket to the inside of the vertical broiler stand with a 1/4-inch weld at each corner of the bracket.

Step 3

Set the mounting bracket on the broiler element on top of the vertical broiler stand. Position the element so it is parallel with the 12-by-22-inch sheet and 1 inch away from it. Weld the base of the element to the 12-by-12-inch sheet using a 1/4-inch weld in each corner.

Step 4

Place your meat on the meat rod so that it is 2 inches away from the base and stacked to the top of the rod. The width of the meat should not be more than 3 inches. Shave the meat off with a meat knife as it cooks.

Things You Will Need

  • Welding gloves
  • Welding jacket
  • Welding goggles
  • Tape measure
  • Metalworking square
  • Metal scribe
  • Sheet metal, 1/16-by-12-by-22 inches
  • Sheet metal, 1/16-by-12-by-12 inches
  • 3 metal sheets, 1/16-by-4-by-12 inches each
  • MIG welder
  • Drill
  • Carbide drill bit set
  • Rotisserie motor, with rod and mounting bracket
  • Vertical broiler cooking element with base mounting bracket, 10-by-18 inches


  • Wear the proper attire when welding.

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