SNA-950TG Silicon Scientific Assembly Instructions

Sam Kellenberg

As with many advanced outdoor high-definition television antennas, the Silicon Scientific SNA-950TG is a fully rotating device (though the rotating motor does require two AAA batteries), which offers two dipoles for improved resolution. It operates at a 45-860 megahertz frequency, outputs 75 ohms of impedance, and is constructed of weather-resistant aluminum and ABS. Once assembled, the antenna should be able to easily mount in minutes. Correct assembly may take more than an hour.

Step 1

Find the four connecting straps and screw them into the antenna dipoles; this will mount the curved aluminum pieces to the rectangular antenna frame and around the main dipole. The holes for the connector straps are predrilled.

Step 2

Arrange the 28 tubes included in the package by size. Larger tubes will be placed on the curved vertical piece of aluminum, while the smaller tubes will be placed on the rectangular side piece.

Step 3

Slide the tubes onto the plastic nubs arranged on the aluminum frame.

Step 4

Place the 16 red caps on the ends of the small tubes so that each faces the same direction.

Step 5

Mount the dipole to the long tube using the predrilled screw holes and provided screws.

Step 6

Assemble the six plastic components that fashion the rotator motor. The plastic components snap together using tabs and inserts and should not require screws to complete but must be mounted to the bottom of the dipole using provided screws.