Repairing the Mechanism of an Upholstered Recliner Chair

Upholstered recliner chairs are built to last.
Aging, abuse by children, and general wear and tear can cause the recliner mechanisms to bend and warp. These pieces, known as the pawl and ratchet assembly, are necessary for the recliner arm to work properly. Thankfully, these parts are simple to obtain through furniture supply companies and easy to replace. .

Step 1

Turn the chair over so that the underside is visible.

Step 2

Look for a piece that appears bent or warped. This is the broken piece that must be replaced. As a general rule, the entire section of the mechanism, not just that single piece, should be replaced just in case the damage was tension related.

Step 3

Unscrew the old piece and take it to a furniture repair shop. Most models will have between two and four screws holding each piece in place. Alternatively, search for the particular model online at a parts supply website. Make sure to buy the exact piece.

Step 4

Install the new piece by screwing it tightly into position.

Things You Will Need

  • Screw driver

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