How to Convert a Chair to a Glider

Elizabeth Sobiski

If you have a favorite chair, but don't like its immobility, grab some basic tools. With the right hardware, you can convert your immobile chair into a glider in less than a day. When you are finished, you will have a chair that moves similarly to a rocking chair, but with a smooth back-and-forth motion. The hardware for the glider is available online as well as at some woodworking and furniture-repair stores. This conversion is ideal for a chair that has shorter legs, such as a club or armchair.

Turn your favorite chair into a glider.

Step 1

Turn your chair upside down to remove the legs. Twist each leg as if you were opening a jar and set them to the side. Usually there are no special tools needed to remove chair legs.

Step 2

Cut a piece of plywood to cover the bottom of the chair. This gives the glider assembly something to attach to. If your chair already has a solid bottom, you do not have to add additional wood. Attach the plywood to the chair bottom with wood screws.

Step 3

Center the glider mechanism on the plywood. This is usually a single unit that attaches with screws. Mark the holes for attaching the glider to the chair. Drill pilot holes at the marks. Pilot holes make it easier to insert the screws later. Replace the glider mechanism and attach with screws into the pilot holes.

Step 4

Turn the chair upright and test.