How to Match Floor Tile and Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is a major hub of the home and as such, the decor is a vital part of the space.
Match kitchen floors and cabinets to create a look you'll love.Match kitchen floors and cabinets to create a look you'll love.
Creating a kitchen that is visually appealing makes the space more inviting and enjoyable to be in. If you're in the midst of a kitchen renovation, match the floor tile and cabinets to give the space a cohesive look.

Step 1

Match samples of the floor tile and cabinets. If you're putting in new tiles and cabinets, take samples of the pieces to create a match. For example, if you've chosen a type of cabinet, take a sample of the finish with you when purchasing your tile, and match the cabinet sample to sample tiles. If you've chosen your floor tiles first, take a sample of the tile with you when selecting your cabinets. If you're only replacing one of the elements, take home samples of the other element to match the elements.

Step 2

Take photos to match the materials. If you are only adding new cabinet, for example, and you want them to match with your existing tiles, take a photo of the tiles. Use a high-resolution digital camera to take a photograph of your tile, and print out the picture with a color printer. Take the photograph of the tiles with you when you shop for your cabinets. Hold the photograph up to sample cabinets to match the two elements.

Step 3

Coordinate the cabinets and tiles with paint chips. This method is ideal if you have floor tiles that contain a variety of colors and want to match the cabinets to a specific color. Match paint chips to the color in the tile you want to match the cabinets to. Take the chips with you while shopping for new cabinets, and match the chips to the cabinets.

Things You Will Need

  • Floor and cabinet samples
  • Digital camera
  • Color printer
  • Paint chips

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