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Decorating Ideas for a Bathroom With Blue Countertops

Jennifer Blair

In a small space like a bathroom, a single feature can dramatically affect the look of the room as a whole. If your bathroom features blue countertops, they likely draw your eye as soon as you enter the space. However, you can choose from several different decorating designs for the room depending on the look that you prefer, so you can work with the blue to enhance your bathroom's appearance.

Play Up the Blue

You can tile in varying shades of blue to the walls and make your counter the centerpice of an all blue bathroom.

If you like the color of your blue countertops and want to use it as inspiration for the entire bathroom, you can decorate the space in various shades of blue. Choose a blue that is a shade lighter or darker than the counter for the wall's paint or tile. You can opt for wooden or laminate flooring to break up the blue or use a blue tile that matches the walls for the floor. Mosaic tile that incorporates several shades of blue is an ideal option for tying the room together. For the shower curtain, window treatments and towels, you can go darker with a navy or indigo blue or choose a mid-tone shade that is closer to the wall and countertop color.

Downplay the Blue

In some cases, a colored countertop can give your bathroom a dated look. If your blue bathroom counter is giving you flashbacks to the '70s, decorate the space to de-emphasize its appearance. Avoid using blue in the rest of the room because it will only call attention to the countertop. Instead, opt for neutral tones to counteract the blue. You can use a soft tan shade on the walls and floor, and add accessories in rich shades of brown. For a more glamorous look, try a light gray on the walls and incorporate charcoal and silver shades in the shower curtain, wall treatments and towels to give the space a more modern feel.

Go Dramatic

You can use your blue countertop in a more dramatically styled bathroom as well. Opt for a crisp white paint shade for the walls. If you are tiling part of the wall, incorporate black accent tiles for a sharply contrasting look. Carry this pattern to the shower surround, and add black-and-white checkerboard tile to the floor as well. You can add additional blue elements to the room through the window treatments and towels, but pair them with white and black accessories as well. To tie the room together, look for a patterned shower curtain that uses all three colors.

Warm It Up

Blue may be a cool color, but warm tones can actually complement your counter. Depending on how dark your blue countertop is, you may opt for peach or terra cotta colored walls, because orange is opposite blue on color wheel. Instead of white, which may be too stark, use a cream or ivory tile for the shower surround to give the space a softer feel. If you want to add dimension to the bathroom's look, incorporate a neutral shade such as tan to balance out the cool and warm tones. Add blue towels, window treatments and other accessories to give the room a unified look.