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Paint Colors That Go With Light Brown Floor Tile

Lauren Corona

If you have a room with light brown floor tiles, it's much easier to choose to paint the walls a color that goes with the floor, rather than replacing the tiles themselves. Because light brown is a neutral color, it goes with almost any other color or style.

Neutral Colors

Choose neutral paint from a range of whites, beiges, light grays and light browns, if you want to decorate your room in a way that matches the neutrality of the floor. Neutral colored rooms tend to be cool and calming. They can also make a space look larger, lighter and airier; therefore, a neutral color scheme will make a small room appear to be larger.

Mediterranean Colors

Mediterranean homes usually have floor tiles in shades of brown and terracotta. You could take this idea and decorate your room in Mediterranean colors to go with your light brown floor tiles. In Mediterranean decorating, walls are often painted in colors reminiscent of nature or the natural world, such as sandy browns, earthy oranges, yellow like the sun and muted blues and greens like the sky or the sea.


The color green contrasts with light brown, so it would go really well in a room with light brown floor tiles. There are many shades of green — from light green hues, to lime green, to dark forest greens — so you should be able to find something that suits your personal taste. Green is a cool color, but it can look bright and fresh or more dull and calming, depending on the shade.

Vibrant Colors

You could choose to contrast your neutral colored tiles with something more vibrant. If you want to go vibrant, primary colors — blue, red and yellow — can work particularly well. Alternatively, you could go with a bright purple or pink. If you want a bit of brightness in your room, but don't want to overdo it, you could paint two or three walls in a neutral color, like white, and paint the remaining one or two walls in a vibrant color.