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How to Match Bathroom Tile to Room Wall Color

Valerie David

Replacing the tile in the bathroom instantly brightens and updates the room. It can also increase the value of your home. If you already have the wall color you love, it helps to narrow down the range of tile options. Choose the right hue for your tile, and your new bathroom can become a serene sanctuary or a cheery pick-me-up as you get ready each morning for work.

Look for tiles that complement or incorporate your wall color, rather than an exact match.
  1. Bring a sample of your wall color with you when you shop for bathroom tile. Use the original paint swatch, or brush some of the leftover paint onto a piece of white poster board.

  2. Tile has a different texture than wall paint, so even an exact color match will look different once installed. Rather than having two colors that look slightly off, consider a complementary or contrast tile color for your bathroom.

  3. Use a color wheel to find pleasing color combinations. The shades closest to your wall color create a serene environment. For yellow walls, try a light green or orange shade. Choose the right tone to match your wall color. A sunny yellow looks cheerful with a bright orange tile, while a pastel yellow is better suited to a more muted pumpkin shade.

  4. Make a bold statement by choosing a color that's directly across your wall hue on the color wheel. Pair your bright yellow walls with purple glass tile to create a striking modern bathroom. Try a print shower curtain and striped towels in your chosen colors to tie the elements together.

  5. Look for speckled or patterned bathroom tile that contains your wall color. A natural slate tile may have the exact gray-green shade running through it to match your paint swatch. Pair your orange walls with orange and royal-blue hand-painted ceramic tiles. The other colors in the tile will help offset any shade alteration due to the different textures.

  6. Consider a neutral shade of tile to bring out the vivid color of your bathroom walls. Match the tone of the neutral. Choose warm brown and terracotta tones for yellow, orange and red walls. Stick with gray, taupe and white tiles to match cool-blue and sea-green walls.

  7. Bring samples of your favorite tiles home before making a purchase. Set the tile where it will eventually be placed, on the wall or floor, so you can see how your own bathroom lighting alters the color. Something that looked like a match in the store might not be a match at home. Take notes on why the tiles don't go together, so you don't make the same mistakes again. If a tile complements the walls, but is just a little too bright, bring that sample back to the store and use it as a guide to find a more subdued shade.