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How to Decorate a Nightclub

Jonah Morrissey

Decorating is an important aspect of any nightclub, since the club's appearance will define the perception and experience of guests. The decor needs to be a cohesive fit for the style of nightclub that you operate or plan to operate. Top considerations include furniture, lighting and artwork. When setting out to decorate a nightclub, it is important to plan the decor out and consider how each piece you add will contribute to the overall vision for the space.

The decor in your nightclub can make it stand out from the rest.
  1. Evaluate the nightclub's brand. Is it a high-end speakeasy for professionals or a college-oriented hangout? The branding of the nightclub will guide your decorating decisions. Determine the style based on this evaluation.

  2. Select a flooring for the nightclub that will suit the space. A high-end nightclub may feature sophisticated flooring. Granite tile or dark hardwood would be ideal choices. A college student-oriented nightclub may have a more industrial vibe. For example, a dyed concrete floor would be an appropriate choice.

  3. Look for furnishings in catalogs for inspiration. For a high-end nightclub, choose luxurious furnishings such as leather club chairs. For a college-oriented nightclub, select modern bar stools or an eclectic mix of modern furniture.

  4. Pick up paint samples for the wall treatment. Nightclubs are usually painted in dark or moody colors such as shades of gray and black, silver, dark blues or reds. Bring the samples into your space and consider them carefully.

  5. Choose lighting based on the style and target audience. High-end nightclubs often have more intimate and subdued lighting such as wall sconces and pendant lighting, while college-oriented clubs typically have disco lighting with flashing lights and lasers to establish more of a dance/rave environment.

  6. Find artwork to match the sensibilities of your target audience. Pop and street art are best for a college nightclub, while modernist, post-modernist and mixed media will better suit a high-end club. Choose art that will complement the rest of the decor.