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How to Test Temperature Switches on Kenmore Dryers

James Clark

The temperature switch on a Kenmore dryer controls the heat level inside the spinning drum. Kenmore dryers are available with different heating settings to dry different fabric types. When the temperature control is adjusted to different settings, the dryer routes the circuit through the appropriate temperature switch. If the appliance will not heat or heats only on certain settings, try troubleshooting the temperature switches with a multimeter to determine whether they are burned out.

Step 1

Unplug the Kenmore power cord and pull the dryer cabinet forward to work on the back panel. Let the appliance cool, if you have been using it.

Step 2

Loosen the metal band on the vent hose with a nut driver and take the hose off the back panel.

Step 3

Remove the bolts holding the back panel to the rear of the Kenmore cabinet, using the nut driver. Pull off the panel and set aside. Locate the temperature switches on the left of the metal box containing the heating element. There will be one switch for each temperature setting available on your particular model.

Step 4

Pull off the two wires attached to the contacts on the first switch. The wires are attaxched to slip-on connectors.

Step 5

Set the multimeter to test for continuity, typically labeled "RX1" on the selector switch or knob.

Step 6

Hold the test rods on the mutlimeter against the two contacts on the first temperature switch. At room temperature, a properly functioning switch should give a reading of zero on the multimeter.

Step 7

Reattach the two wires to the switch terminals and test each remaining switch the same way.