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How to Remove the Back of a Kenmore Series 90 Dryer

James Clark

The Kenmore Series 90 is an electric clothes dryer manufactured by Whirlpool and sold in Sears retail stores. The back panel of the appliance, which is secured to the cabinet by screw-bolts, must be removed to access internal components such as the dryer drum belt in order to make repairs. Removing the back of the dryer takes only a few minutes after following basic safety precautions, including disconnecting the appliance from the 220-volt electrical socket.

Step 1

Disconnect the large, round electrical plug from the three-prong socket behind the dryer.

Step 2

Pull the Kenmore dryer away from the wall far enough to create a work space behind the appliance.

Step 3

Unscrew the circular clamp near the bottom right corner of the dryer that holds the exhaust hose to the appliance. Pull off the exhaust hose from the vent on the dryer.

Step 4

Remove each of the slotted screw-bolts around the edge of the back panel using a flat-blade screwdriver. Work clockwise starting at the top of the back panel. Place the screws in a resealable plastic bag or other secure container so they won't get lost.

Step 5

Pull off the back panel of the dryer, inserting the tip of the screwdriver blade, if necessary, between the top edge of the panel and the back of the appliance cabinet to help pop off the panel.