How to Make a Covering Under the Stairs

If you have an opening underneath your stairs, you can make a covering in the form of a homemade curtain to close the space off. This will allow you to easily access the space behind the covering as you wish, while creating a barrier that will close the area off and make the stairs appear more solid. Making the covering is quite simple and doesn't require extensive sewing experience.

Step 1

Measure the opening underneath your stairs using a measuring tape. Add an inch to each side to allow room for seams.

Step 2

Cut the fabric of your choice to match your measurements using a pair of scissors. Fold each edge over itself 1/2 inch and secure using sewing pins.

Step 3

Stitch the folded edges using a needle and thread or loaded sewing machine. This will hem the curtain and ensure the edges don't unravel over time.

Step 4

Attach clip-on curtain rings across the top of the curtain, every 3 inches or so.

Step 5

Loop the curtain rings through an adjustable curtain rod.

Step 6

Install the adjustable curtain rod across the top of the opening beneath the stairs, twisting the rod until it fits snugly.

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