Peachtree: Multi-Point Lock Installation

The Peachtree insulated patio door lock is a multi-point lock working the center latch, and top and bottom door bolts. It can be a complicated lock to install because you must align the door rods, the bolts, and the strike plates with the mortise lock using the special bolt alignment pins.

Peachtree multi-point locks are tricky to install.

Step 1

Close the swinging door to check the top and side panels to make sure you have a 1/8-inch margin of space around the door panel. The space is necessary for the locks to work correctly. Check to make sure each bolt lines up with each of the strike plates. If one of the three bolts is obstructed, the Peachtree lock will not work.

Step 2

Remove the door panel from the frame. Take the brass bolt cover plates off of the side of the door panel with the flat-blade screw driver.

Step 3

Turn the door horizontally. Grasp and pull the bolt rod out with the needle nose pliers. Pull firmly but gently. If the rod seems stuck, pull or push the center latch out or in slightly until it releases the rod.

Step 4

Turn the door so you can view the bottom of the door. Remove the bottom rod in the same way as you did the top one.

Step 5

Place the mortise lock in the door hole and place the side faceplate on it in the corresponding position.

Step 6

Install the brass handle set and extend the bolt. You can't access the lock screws unless the lock is in the deadbolt position.

Step 7

Locate the set screws on the top and bottom side of the mortise lock side plate. Insert the Allen wrench in the top set screw hole until it fits into the screw grooves. Turn the wrench two full counterclockwise turns to loosen the screw. Do the same for the screw located on the bottom of the faceplate.

Step 8

Insert the alignment key that came packaged with the Peachtree lock into the hole directly above the extended bolt of the mortise lock. Reinsert the top rod into the door and ensure that all the notches face the extended bolt side of the door. Push the latch fully in to allow the rod to fit into place. Allow the notch in the rod to line up with the alignment key. Wiggle the alignment key until the notch slides into place. Re-tighten the set screw with the Allen wrench and remove the alignment key.

Step 9

Insert the alignment key in the bottom hole of the set screw in the side plate of the mortise lock. Reinsert the bottom door rod, and align it to the aligning key as you did for the top rod. Re-tighten the bottom set screw with the allen wrench. Remove the alignment key.

Step 10

Check the operation of the lock and replace the face plates over the bolts on the side of the door panel. Replace the door panel into the frame.