How to Glue Dishes & Glassware Together for a Centerpiece

Create a reusable centerpiece that can be redecorated for any occasion by gluing a variety of dishes and glassware items together. Dishes of differing types are blended together to form a decoration that has a symmetrical shape that can be decorated on all sides. Check out thrift stores, local yard sales and auctions for glass pieces that can be stacked into a whimsical tiered centerpiece. Each tier will be filled in with decorations to match your decor or celebration.

Glue a variety of dishes together to create a tiered centerpiece.

Step 1

Stack your chosen dishes and glassware to determine their compatibility and style for your desired centerpiece. Doing this while shopping will allow you to trade out pieces until you have a design you are happy with. Place the teacup upside down on the bottom. Center a dinner plate, a wine glass, a salad plate, a champagne coupe (a champagne glass with a bowl-shaped receptacle for the beverage) and a saucer on the teacup in that order. Note: The teacup is the only piece that is upside down.

Step 2

Wipe clean the inside and outside of each piece using a paper towel with rubbing alcohol or glass cleaner. Pay close attention to fingerprints on the inside of the glasses. Once the centerpiece is attached, the fingerprints cannot be removed.

Step 3

Lay the dinner plate on your work surface with the bottom facing up. Apply industrial-strength household cement to the bottom of the teacup. Place the teacup in the center of the plate's bottom. Press down to set the cup firmly in place. Note: The teacup is right side up here, but will be upside down on the finished centerpiece.

Step 4

A champagne coupe is a champagne glass with a bowl-shaped receptacle for the beverage.

Place the salad plate on your work surface with the bottom facing up. Center and glue the wine glass on the bottom of the plate with the glass turned upside down. Press down to firmly set in place. Attach a champagne coupe to the bottom of a saucer in the same way. You now have three sets of tiers for your centerpiece. Note: The glasses are upside down here, but will be right side up on the finished centerpiece.

Step 5

Allow the adhesive to dry for a few hours. The adhesive will not be completely dry after this time, but will be set enough to prevent the pieces from sliding out of position while continuing with the remaining tiers of the centerpiece.

Step 6

Stand the dinner plate tier right side up on your work surface. Apply industrial-strength household cement to the bottom of the wine glass. Center the wine glass tier right side up on the dinner plate tier. Apply the adhesive to the bottom of the champagne coupe. Center the champagne coupe tier right side up on the salad plate tier.

Step 7

Allow the glass centerpiece to dry overnight for a strong, permanent hold. Place flowers, fruit, cupcakes or other desired decorative items on the plate tiers to complete the glass centerpiece.


  • Always work in a well-ventilated area when applying household cement.

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