How to Buy Storm Doors

Insulation can save a lot of money on your heating bills, but you can still lose heat through an old, poorly fitting, or leaky storm door. Here's how to complete your insulation project.

  1. Measure the size of the doorway (and your existing door).
  2. Make sure that you get a door with the correct facing. Face your existing door from outside - if the hinges are on the left, you have a left-handed door; if hinges are on the right, you have a right-handed door. (Note that some storm doors are reversible; you can install them to be either right- or left-handed.)
  3. Consider the type of material that best matches your budget and the appearance of your house. Storm doors are made in aluminum, vinyl, and a number of composite materials.
  4. Decide if you want a model with glass (or plastic) panes.
  5. Consider the style of the door - do you want a colonial look to match your home's architecture, or would something more modern be appropriate?

Things You Will Need

  • Measuring Tapes
  • Storm Doors
  • Utility Knives
  • Variable-speed Drills


  • If you plan to install the door yourself, make sure it comes with an installation kit and complete instructions. You will need a utility knife and a power drill (with both drill bits and screwdriver attachments), and a tape measure or ruler.

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