How to Install Gutter Guards

It can be a real chore and annoyance to keep up with cleaning your gutters. It is a wet and dirty job but you must keep them free of debris to allow the gutters to do what they are designed to do. You can cut down on the frequency needed to clean the gutters by installing gutter guards that keep most of the leaves and large debris from entering the spouts and downspouts. The following is an easy way to install gutter guards quickly to minimize future gutter cleanings.

  1. Clean debris from the spouts and downspouts.

  2. Verify that the gutters do not leak and are clear of debris. Check this by putting the hose into the gutter and checking to see if any water leaks through the sides of the spouts or does not come down the downspouts correctly.

  3. Measure all of the gutters that need guards. If there are slots in between each gutter, measure in between the slots.

  4. Buy the amount necessary to guard the gutters of debris.

  5. Cut the guard to fit each gutter area.

  6. Install the guard by sliding the top section under the bottom row of shingles and snap the guard's edge to the outer part of the gutter.


  • Be cautious when using the ladder. Make sure it is in proper placement before climbing it for cleaning, measuring and installing the guards.
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