How to Marble Paint a Wall

Decorative painting inside your home is a fun project. Marble painting a wall brings your wall to life, using an advanced technique to give your wall the look of marble. In addition to marble painting walls, this technique may look terrific on your moldings, fireplace surrounds and even doors.

  1. Decide what area in your home and which wall you want to marble paint.

  2. Choose a glaze or latex wash in a color that you would like to use for the marble painted wall. You can choose more than one color. In addition, purchase a background glaze to match the wall's surface color. Home improvement stores, such as Lowe's, have vast selections of marbling glazes and latex washes with various color options to choose from.

  3. Brush the background glaze that matches the surface color onto the wall.

  4. Use the other glaze colors to paint irregular shapes on the surface of the wall. Blot each shape with a dry bunched rag.

  5. Place a dab of artist's acrylics or acrylic glaze paint on one side of a small paintbrush.

  6. Turn the small paintbrush so the paint is facing away from the wall. Use the paintbrush to trace lines, veins and slightly shaky lines. Paint from the other side of the paintbrush will come through. Blot each line with a dry bunched rag.

  7. Allow the glaze to dry slightly, then blur the lines and veins using a blending brush or a crumpled tissue paper.

  8. Make more veins on the wall by scraping at the glaze with the edge of a cork in squiggly motions. Repeat blotting each vein and line using crumpled tissue paper or a dry rag, or softening with a blending brush.

  9. Create final shaky veins using a freestyle approach with a fine paintbrush or tip of a feather that has a small amount of paint on it. The paint you choose to use for the final veins should be a color that will stand out from the other colors.

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