How to Fix an Electric Mixer

Electric mixers are great to have around, whether the stand or hand-held type.

For those of us that use one on practically a daily basis, here are a few tips on how to fix an electric mixer. Keep in mind these are just a few suggestions on minor repairs.

Unplug the mixer before attempting any type of repair. If the mixer has a lot of batter and food on it, clean the appliance. A lot of times while using the mixer, the ingredients can work their way up the beaters and make their way into the gear section where the beaters attach. This can happen especially when mixing bread dough, cookie batter or any dense or heavy ingredients.

Refer to owner's manuals when fixing an electric mixer. If the mixer stops beating when it's turned on, it could be that the appliance isn't getting the proper voltage. Test the mixer using a voltmeter. If the mixer is getting the proper voltage, it could be that one of the gears are worn out.

Check the wiring on the mixer. Look for any cracks, tears or exposed wires. Sometimes just using electrical tape to repair the cord is all that's needed.

Take out the screws from underneath the head of the mixer using a Phillips screwdriver. Next take out the screws on the back of the head of the mixer (some brands have these, others don't).

Grasp the head of the mixer and gently pry off the housing with a large screwdriver. A slot screwdriver is preferable. Clean out the area with a soft cloth and look for any broken parts or wires.

Go directly to the website of the brand of mixer you have. Most major brands will offer advice and suggestions for proper maintenance.


  • Repairs vary by brand name. Some electric mixers have additional gears around the motor that need to be repaired before touching the motor. Take into consideration what brand of mixer you have, and then look up repair tips according to brand name.


  • Work safely by wearing safety goggles and gloves. Always unplug any electrical appliance before making any repairs.