How to Clean an Awning

Awnings provide shade from the sun, protection from bad weather and a form of advertising for a business. Proper cleaning of your awning can keep it looking like new for many years.

  1. Remove hanging plants that are near the awning.

  2. Stand safely on a ladder and use long handled broom to sweep away any twigs or leaves that are on the awning.

  3. Mix a solution of dish washing soap and water and put it into a spray bottle.

  4. Spray a small area of the awning starting from the bottom area, called the valance. Use a soft bristle brush and scrub the area using circular motions.

  5. Continue spraying and cleaning the area until all of the dirt and mildew is gone. Repeat this process until the entire awning is clean.

  6. Rinse the awning thoroughly with a water hose and remove all of the soap residue.

  7. Clean the underside of your awning by sweeping it with a clean broom.


  • Paint spots on an awning will shorten the life of the fabric, because they hold mildew and dirt.
  • Never use any product that contains chlorine on your awning because it can cause the fabric to rot.
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