How to Remove Plaster

If you have plaster walls, then you know the hassle of trying to repair them. Sometimes it is best to remove the plaster and begin again with wallboard. While it is quite a project, it is not impossible. Just read on to get some quick steps for doing it well.

  1. Prepare for the job by getting safety wear. Have safety glasses, gloves, ear plugs and a mask on hand for your protection. The job can get quite dirty and plaster has been known to fly where it chooses.

  2. Cover the floor with plywood or plastic to make clean up easier. The plywood is best if you are trying to protect the flooring. Be certain to have a trash container or two immediately available. It is easier to drop the residue in at that moment than to allow it to accumulate and pick it up later.

  3. Decide whether you will cut through the wall first, from ceiling to floor, with a reciprocating saw, or if you'll use a hammer and bull strength.

  4. Check carefully for power, gas, water and waste lines before you begin. You don't want to accidentally damage any of these. It's best to turn off the power if you're uncertain where the lines are.

  5. Cut or smash. If you use the reciprocating saw, the pieces that you pull off will be bigger, but always start between the studs. Use a flatbar to remove the plaster and a hammer to remove the lathe.

  6. Continue to remove the pieces of plaster until the area is complete. It's not a difficult job, just messy and time consuming.

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