How to Stop Leaks in a Garbage Disposal

How to Stop Leaks in a Garbage Disposal. The garbage disposal is generally located right below the kitchen sink. It grinds just about any wasted food so that it easily goes down the drain. Periodically, the garbage disposal needs to be serviced due to wear and tear. One of the most common problems that can occur is leaking from the bottom of the garbage disposal.

Step 1

Turn off and unplug the garbage disposal from its electrical outlet before working on it.  You also can shut off the circuit breaker connecting the disposal from wiring inside of the house.

It is usually located under the kitchen sink.  Access it by opening the cabinet door below the sink.

This small appliance is attached to the bottom of the sink, and it is constructed with a flange, mounting bolts and a ring. 

Step 2

Detect the source of your leak.  Feel around the garbage disposal to find any holes or loose equipment that could cause the leak.

Step 3

Tighten lightly any loose screws or other attachments on the garbage disposal with a screwdriver.  Do the same thing with the bolts in the ring-like part in the middle of the disposal.

This may be all that is necessary to repair the leak. 

Step 4

Replace the flywheel seal if the leak is coming from the bottom of the disposal and it is affecting the motor.  Remove the disposal from the drain system hookup at the bottom of the sink, and then disassemble the disposal unit to remove the flywheel.

You can get a replacement at a hardware store, the garbage disposal's manufacturer or you can take it to a repairman for servicing.  Reattach the disposal underneath the sink by securing it with the mounting bolts.

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