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How to Troubleshoot the GFC530F Disposer

Meredith Jameson

The GE GFC530F garbage disposer has an extra-large capacity and is a continuous feed disposer. The disposer is made out of stainless steel and is jam resistant with a 2600 RPM grinding motor and dual swivel impellers. The system requires a wall switch operation and has a manual reset overload protector. While proper operation of the garbage disposer should keep it working well, troubleshooting problems that might occur should help fix any issues that arise.

  1. Turn off the GE garbage disposer and remove the splash guard if a loud noise occurs during use. Look for a foreign object, such as silverware, that might have fallen into the garbage disposer and remove with long-handled tongs. Do not place your fingers or hand inside the disposer.

  2. Take off the splash guard and use long-handled tongs or a broom handle to reach in and try to spin the turntable if the disposer will not start. If the turntable moves, put the splash guard back on and locate the red reset button on the bottom of the unit. Push the button and hold it until it clicks and stays pressed in.

  3. Look for foreign objects inside the garbage disposer if the turntable does not turn and move the object with the tongs or broom handle until you can reach it and remove with the tongs.

  4. Check the sink flange and the support ring if the disposer is leaking, as you may need to tighten the flange or support ring. If the leak occurs near the discharge elbow under the sink, tighten the elbow flange screws.