How to Add Ambient Light to an Entertainment Center

Ambient lights are used to project various colors onto the wall behind a TV, computer or gaming system. Ambient lights add emotion and enhance your viewing experience. Adding ambient lights to an entertainment center is a fairly simply task that, with a little patience and few supplies, gives you a professional-looking entertainment center for the family to enjoy. Read on to learn more.

  1. Purchase the LED light strips. TRETTIOEN LED strips include four light strips connected together, a power adapter and rocker switch all in one kit. Buy TRETTIOEN light strips at IKEA and other lighting stores.
  2. Remove the TV from the entertainment center. Pull the entertainment center away from the wall. If the entertainment center has a cardboard backing, remove it from the area around the TV.
  3. Line the back of the shelves and the sides around the area where the TV sets with the LED strips.
  4. Screw the small clamps into the entertainment center to hold the LED strips in place. Use three clamps per light strip.
  5. Screw the rocker switch onto the entertainment center. The best place to attach the switch is on the shelf with the TV or an easily accessible area.
  6. Plug the lights into an electrical outlet. Push the entertainment center back into place and replace the TV.


  • Purchase a similar LED light strip kit or buy the pieces separately.

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