How to Install an Accordion Door

If you love the convenience of those accordion doors from decades ago but hate the look of them, you're in luck. Newer styles are available, and they can add some pizzazz and class to your home once you install them.

  1. Remove the old accordion door by taking the screws from the side of the door, sliding it to one side. Remove the screws from the track of the old door.

  2. Make sure the new track fits into the opening where you want to install the new accordion door. Trim off any excess with a hacksaw. Do not install the track on the wall just yet.

  3. Thread the wheels of the new door through the track before it's installed. Attach the track to the door header, making sure it's in the middle of the door header.

  4. Drill holes through the back of the door section that will attach to the doorjamb if necessary. Screw the door into the doorjamb.

  5. Screw in the jamb molding that came with the accordion door to the opposite doorjamb. Line up the molding with the track and screw in the top screw, letting the rest of the molding hang naturally. Mark the screw holes and finish screwing the molding into the doorjamb.

  6. Install the magnetic catch that came with the accordion door to the molding. Make sure it's aligned with the metal strike plate on the door.