How to Use a Laser Level

Using a laser level makes home projects easier and faster. It helps you line things up by shooting a laser beam straight ahead. Whether you're installing ceiling or floor tiles, building a shelf or hanging a picture, a laser level will make your work more accurate. It shoots a red dot more than 200 feet away and boasts and accuracy rate of within an 1/8 inch.

Set the laser level where you need it. Make sure it's sitting on a solid surface. It automatically finds level and shoots out a constant red line.

Buy a mounting device to keep the laser level in place. There are stands, tripods and mounting brackets on the market to keep the level where you need it.

Use a remote control to set the position where you need it and to keep it there. Remotes come with the more advanced laser levels on the market.

Make a mark on the wall if you're hanging a picture. Hold the straight line level on that spot. It will make a red line across the wall, telling you where to drive the nail or screw.

Watch the tool because it will signal you if there's a problem. This is helpful if the laser level is hit or jolted.

Get a point-to-point laser to help with tiling jobs. It shoots out a perpendicular pattern on the floor, giving you an instant grid to follow. If you're an amateur, a regular laser level will work, but if you're a professional tile layer, this type of laser makes the job so much easier.

Consider a rotating laser for excavation jobs. The laser spins around 360 degrees, making work easy if you're in a hole.


  • Straight line levels are great if you're hanging more than one picture on a wall. It will help you line everything up.

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