How to Change your Maytag Neptune Front Loader Bearings

Lisa Wampler

It will start with a faint squealing, and the nit will progress into a high-pitched screeching sound. When the bearings fail in your Maytag Neptune, you will know it. Replacing the bearing is usually a task left up to a Maytag repair center. However, if you feel confident taking your washing machine apart and replacing the bearings on your own, it is a chore that a do-it-yourselfer can complete to save on the costs of the repair.

Worn Neptune bearings

Step 1

Disconnect the electrical cord from its outlet, turn off the water shut-off valves, and disconnect the water supply lines with pliers. Pull the drain hose out of the standpipe. Pull the machine away from the wall so you can easily access the front and back of the machine.

Step 2

Remove the screws on the bottom of the front panel with a wrench, and rotate the panel outward to release the top clips from the underside of the machine's top. Locate the screws that secure the access panel onto the back of the machine, and remove them with a screwdriver.

Step 3

Rotate the pulley that the drum belt rides on, and pull the belt off the pulley as you continually rotate it.

Step 4

Remove the bolt in the center of the pulley with a 9/16-inch ratchet, and pull the pulley off the shaft.

Step 5

Place the washer onto the bolt you removed in Step 4, and thread the bolt back into the spinner support shaft. Pound the bolt to drive the spinner shaft out of the bearing. Use a rubber hammer to pound the bolt.

Step 6

Pry out the bearing seal on the inner and outer bearing assembly on the tub with a seal puller.

Step 7

Clean off the bearing with a rag and a drill-powered wire bush. Locate the weep holes, and clean them out with the wire brush. The weep holes are located on the housing around the bearing and allow for the insertion of bearing grease.

Step 8

Spray penetrating oil on the bearings, and wait approximately 10 minutes. This allows time for the oil to work between the bearings and the bearing races.

Step 9

Remove the snap rings from the bearings with a snap ring tool, and pull the bearings out of the bearing races. To do this, you may have to heat the bearing race with a blowtorch. This will expand the metal and allow the bearing to fall out. You can also hammer the bearing out with the rubber hammer.

Step 10

Clean out the bearing race housings, and pull out the inner spinner shaft seal with the seal puller. Clean out the bearing race again.

Step 11

Heat both bearing race housings, and add grease to the bearing races. Pound the bearing races into the housings. If you had shims between the races and housings, put them back in first.

Step 12

Pack the bearings with grease, and place the bearings inside the races. Place the seals over the bearing, and press them in place.

Step 13

Place the snap ring over the bearing seals with the snap ring tool.

Step 14

Drive the spinner support shaft back through the bearings. Secure the pulley onto the end of the shaft with the replacement washer and bolt that came with the bearing kit.

Step 15

Rotate the pulley, and slide the drum belt back onto the pulley.

Step 16

Reattach the rear access cover and the front panel to the machine.

Step 17

Reconnect the waterlines and the power to the machine.