How to Spy on Neighbors

If you wonder what your neighbors are up to, you may want to spy on their activities. You may think that they are up to something illegal, are damaging your home in some way or are just interesting enough to be watched. Keep in mind that many spying activities can land you in hot water legally for invading your neighbors' privacy.

  1. Use websites like Felon Spy to see if you neighbor has been convicted of a crime. Sex offenders lists can also be another resource for checking to see if your neighbor has been convicted of a sex crime. For most of these sites, all you need is a name or an address.

  2. Find a window in your home with a good view of your neighbors' house. A dark room helps you remain out of sight and you may want to stand back from the window as well. Some people like to keep binoculars or a telescope handy. You can also spend a great deal of time outside in the yard close to the neighbors home doing yard work, sunbathing or reading.

  3. Put up cameras around your home. Although it's not wise to point outdoor cameras at your neighbor's home, you can put them around your own home if you suspect that your neighbor is damaging your property or stealing items from around your home.

  4. Talk to other neighbors. You'll be amazed at the information that you can gather from others, without them even realizing it in most cases. Keep the questions discreet unless you know that the other person is suspicious about your neighbor as well.

  5. Take notes on what you hear or see. Notes on your neighbors will help you see patterns and suspicious activities. Use a notebook or type the notes into your computer.


  • Avoid a confrontation with your neighbor if you suspect that something illegal is going on. Contact the police if you have proof that a crime is being committed or enough evidence that leads to a solid conclusion.
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