How to Remove Mold From Colored Fabric

If you've packed your clothes away for the season, you expect them to be in the same condition when you unpack them. But sometimes, if moisture has gotten into the box, suitcase or other container you used, you may find mold, or mildew, has grown on your clothes. If your clothes are colored, you can't use bleach. But hydrogen peroxide will do the trick. The common product in the brown bottle that you buy at just about any store won't remove the color dye from the fabric. It is a weak solution that contains only 3 percent hydrogen peroxide.

Even well-packed clothes can get moldy if moisture gets to them.

Step 1

Fill a bucket one-third of the way with one part water and one part peroxide.

Step 2

Place the mildewed piece of clothing in the solution and let it soak for two to four hours.

Step 3

If there are any spots still visible on the clothing, lay the garment out flat and use a scrub brush to gently scrub the stain out. If the stain is particularly stubborn, soak the garment overnight.

Step 4

Machine wash and dry the garment as usual.

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