How to Dress a Grinding Wheel

A grinding wheel is an excellent tool.

Unfortunately, however, the wheel becomes covered with metal and it not as effective any more. Fortunately, it is possible to dress a grinding wheel to restore its effectiveness. This article can help.

Place the grinding wheel that you wish to dress on the pilot, and tighten the sprocket. If your wheel does not have any paper on the center, you should add it before proceeding.

Close the door of the wheel sharpener and latch it.

Put on some eye protection before dressing a grinding wheel. A clear face shield would best as this would not only protect your eyes but your face from flying sparks. Face shields are available at your local hardware store or building supply store.

Choose a wheel dresser to dress your grinding wheel, then turn on the wheel sharpener. The wheel dresser looks like it has the handle of a wrench, with a rotating stone between what would have been the jaws of the wrench.

Cut a 45-degree angle on the edges of the grinding wheel with the wheel dresser. Use the wheel dresser to dress the sides of the grinding wheel if you intend on using the grinding wheel's sides.