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How to Move a Kenmore Refrigerator

Andrew Todd

Although Kenmore manufactures many different styles of refrigerators, varying in color, size and features, they are all heavy, awkward items to move. Moving a Kenmore refrigerator should never be attempted alone, as the refrigerator can fall or tip and cause severe injury. Approaching the task of moving a Kenmore refrigerator with safety and common sense first will allow you to successfully transport the appliance from one location to another, without injury or damage to the refrigerator.

  1. Remove all of the contents from the refrigerator and freezer portions of the appliance. Be sure the remove the ice from the ice tray, as well as any food or items contained in the drawers. This will significantly reduce the weight of the refrigerator, and ensure as little movement as possible.

  2. Remove all removable shelves and drawers from the refrigerator. Many refrigerator shelves are attached to the rear of the refrigerator, and can be removed by lifting up on the rear of the shelf and sliding the hook out of the groove.

  3. Slide the refrigerator away from the wall, then turn off the water supply valve on the wall. Disconnect the copper tubing by unscrewing the nut connected to the hose connected to the refrigerator. Be aware that water may drip from the hosing or copper tubing.

  4. Unplug the refrigerator from the wall outlet.

  5. Secure the doors closed using tape. Place the tape under the handles if possible, to avoid damaging the handles.

  6. Tilt the side of the refrigerator off of the ground with the assistance of a partner. Slide the appliance dolly under the refrigerator. Be sure to center the dolly with the refrigerator.

  7. Lift the refrigerator using the appliance dolly to capture the majority of the weight. To lift, stand behind the appliance dolly and secure the dolly with two hands. Have a partner (preferably two) push on the top of the opposite side of the refrigerator as the appliance dolly. Place your foot on the bottom bar of the appliance dolly and push to tilt the refrigerator.

  8. Transport the refrigerator to the truck using the appliance dolly. While moving the refrigerator, be sure that your partners stay on the sides of the refrigerator to ensure that it does not move.

  9. Lift the refrigerator into the rear of the truck with the help of at least two strong and able-bodied individuals.

  10. Secure the refrigerator into the rear of the truck using the straps. Connect the hooks on the ends of the straps to the ties in the side of the truck. Run the straps under the handles of the refrigerator doors if necessary. Tighten the straps so that the refrigerator will not move, but not so tight that the doors may become warped.

  11. Unload the refrigerator once you have reached your destination. Have at least two strong and able-bodied individuals help unload the appliance from the truck. Use the appliance dolly to transport the refrigerator to its new location.