How to Stabilize a Washing Machine

Washing machines can develop a personality all their own. One day they are working perfectly, getting clothing clean, doing what we expect them to do. Then suddenly they begin rocking and rolling around the room during the spin cycle, banging into things and waking the neighborhood. One expects to see them walking into the kitchen and knocking over the kitchen table. Putting the washer back in its place is easy. It needs to be leveled again and here's how.

  1. Place the washer on the pad or each foot on one of each pads.

  2. Put your level on top of the washer.

  3. Use the movable capability of each foot to unscrew or tighten each of them until the washer is level.

  4. Use your level, move it to the rear, the front and sides of the washer. Plumb it vertically by putting your level on the sides.

  5. Ensure the bubble is in the center of the level no matter where you put it. Continue to screw or unscrew the legs of the washer until each is in contact with its pad or the entire pad. Your washer should stay put and return to doing its job silently.


  • Make sure the washer is unplugged when you work on it.
  • Be sure the hoses are returned to their proper places if dislodged during the leveling procedure.

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