How to Activate a Phone Jack

You just moved into a new apartment or built a new home, and everything is all ready to go except for one thing.

How To Activate A Phone Jack

If you don't want to be stuck relying on your cell phone, you need to activate your phone jacks with the telephone company. This guide explains how.

Determine which long distance carrier you would like to begin service with. Each carrier will have different rates, and some may or may not offer service in your area. Most carriers will allow you to input your zip code at their website to determine if you live within their serviceable area. For local phone service you will have to use the provider that offers service in your area, you can find out who this is by asking around or checking a phone book.

After you determine which home telephone service provider you wish to use, you can go to their website and input your information to choose your service plans and schedule an activation. Keep in mind though, that whatever long distance provider you choose, your local service provider will be determined by where you live. If the two are different you will receive separate phone bills from each carrier.

Depending on your credit history you may have to pay a deposit before service will begin. The amount of this deposit will be determined by your phone company. The phone company will alert you if a deposit or any other up front fees are required before your phone line is activated.

Things You Will Need

  • Telephone jack
  • Computer
  • Credit Card


  • You can save money by bundling services. Try to have your long distance, cell phone and internet service with the same company.
  • Depending on a cell phone may not be a good idea, cell towers can suffer from power loss or damage interrupting service.
  • Shop around, if you are not under a contract it pays to shop. Phone carriers frequently offer discounts to lure people into switching providers.