How to Use a Wire Stripper and Crimper

There are many specialized tools used in electronic repair and diagnoses.

Unless you make the repair by replacing a tube, chip or other component that you can solder directly to the board, the repair will require stripping and crimping one or more wires.

Select the gauge of wire required to fix your electrical problem. Any electronic repair that requires the replacement of a wire possessing a connector will need to have the wire stripped and the connector crimped on to it.

Measure the distance from the end of the connector to the bottom of the crimp section on the connector. To properly crimp the connector onto the wire, the crimp must firmly connect to the wire and the insulation of the wire must hold firmly in place at the end of the connector to absorb any strain and prevent the wire from pulling out of the connector.

Determine the distance from the end of the connector to the first crimp point. With this distance, you can crimp the wire and have the insulation hold as well. Subtract the total distance from the end of the connector to the start of the first crimp point from the total connector length.

Measure he distance found in Step 3 down the wire. Take the wire strippers and put the cutting edge at the point you just measured. Close the jaws of the stripper and rotate it around the wire. Firmly grasp the wire and hold the jaws closed. Pull on the strippers. This will remove the insulation from the point you marked to the end of the wire.

Slide the wire into the connector so that the bare wire is in the bottom of the connector and the insulation is within the area of the connector that will crimp onto it.

Position the connector in the crimp tool and lightly close the jaws of the tool to hold the connector. Adjust and position the wire exactly where you want it and squeeze the crimp tool handles to crimp the connector onto the wire.

Examine the crimp you just made. Make sure you crimped the insulation at the top of the connector and the bare wire at the bottom.

Things You Will Need

  • Wire strippers
  • Wire crimpers
  • Crimp connectors
  • Ruler