How to Clean Plastic Off of a Glass Top Stove

Glass top electric stoves are a popular choice because of their sleek look and ease of cleaning. Without the traditional open burners, food and other materials don’t get trapped underneath or on the burners, making clean-up quicker and less complicated. However, glass-top stoves require a different cleaning technique to avoid damaging the smooth surface. Commercial cleaners especially for glass-top stoves are recommended by stove manufacturers for most food spills, but food isn’t the only material that might come in contact with the stove top. One of the most common substances to be melted onto glass stove tops is plastic from bags or containers.

  1. Remove the plastic as soon as possible or the cook top may become permanently pitted. Don’t panic and gouge at the plastic, or you might scratch the glass.

  2. Turn off the burner and, while the area is still warm, gently scrape the plastic off with a metal spatula or razor blade. To avoid burns, wear an oven mitt.

  3. Let the cook top cool down, then use the recommended cream cleaner and non-abrasive cleaning pad to remove the residue. Be patient; it may require a few cleanings.