How to Grind Aluminum

Grinding aluminum is more difficult than you might expect. Because aluminum has a relatively low melting point, using a regular grinding wheel will only cause the aluminum to melt and gunk up your grinder. To avoid this problem and effectively grind aluminum, you will need to use the right equipment and the right technique.

  1. Buy an elastic flap disc. You will use this instead of a regular grinding wheel. Tiger Shark from Plantex is a good grinding disc to use. You can find it near the other grinding discs in the saw section of a hardware, home improvement or department store. You will also want to pick up an aluminum lubricant like Kangaroo ALU-FIX Oil to spray down the part of the aluminum you are grinding (see Resources below).

  2. Set up your grinder by installing the elastic flap disc. Secure the piece of aluminum you want to grind using a vise grip.

  3. Spray a little aluminum lubricant on the area of the aluminum that you want to grind. This will reduce the friction created, increase the life of your flap disc and increase the speed at which you can grind your aluminum.

  4. Work the grind over the aluminum in smooth rolling motions. Don’t let your grinder sit in one spot too long or you will create an uneven grind. Shape your aluminum to the dimensions and thicknesses you are trying for.

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