How to Brighten a Front Porch

The curb appeal of your home says a lot not only to your guests, but to potential buyers should you decide to sell your house. These inexpensive techniques to brighten up your front porch will not only give your house the face-lift it may need, but make it say "welcome" to everyone who visits.

  1. Choose plant and floral arrangements that contrast against the color of your home. If your home is a subdued color, bright yellows, reds and deep colored flowers may complement it well. Be sure to choose plants that can last year-round. If you choose annual flowers, make sure that you purchase the plants that have not bloomed yet so you will be able to enjoy their color for longer.

  2. Use containers that are varied in size to plant your plants and flowers. It is best to place the taller containers in the back with smaller ones near the front so everything is visible. If you have steps leading up your porch to your door, you may want to create a semicircle with your containers on one of the steps on the left-hand side of your porch. You can display your floral and plant arrangements on the right-hand side, but the left side draws the eye in better because most front doors open on the right.

  3. Display a painted, attachable outside mailbox to your home. This will keep magazines and ads from cluttering your front porch, and make it easier for you to retrieve your mail as well. You may purchase a wooden mailbox at a relatively inexpensive price and stencil it with images that complement your floral and plant arrangements, or with something that expresses who you are.

  4. Hang a decorative flag next to your porch. Flags give a flare of charm to a residence and can truly brighten up a home when flown.

  5. Purchase a decorative and functional welcome mat. Many mats are sturdy and yet have a friendly image embossed onto the top surface. A good welcome mat should be sturdy enough to stay in place when walked on, and help take clean shoes to prevent dirt from being tracked into your home.


  • Do not place plants and floral arrangements too close to your front door as you do not want guests to trip and fall on them. These areas also may not get enough sunlight, so plants placed here might wilt or die.
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