How to Get Rid of Junk for Free

We’ve all dealt with it--junk. Whether you just cleaned out your attic or had a revelation that you really don’t need all that stuff, there's always the dilemma of disposing of your junk. It doesn't have to be difficult or cost you anything.

  1. Join Yahoo’s freecycle group. It's free and simple. List your junk with information that can be as extensive as naming every piece or by declaring it to be miscellaneous household items--some working, some non-working. There is always a member of the freecycle group willing to come to your home to load it up and drive away. One hint: Put in your description line that it is first-come first-served, so insist the responder name a specific time to can pick it up to alleviate the hassles of waiting.
  2. Call your local Goodwill or Salvation Army. Many times, these services will come to your home free of charge. If your junk is in at least fair condition, these organizations will send a driver and a truck to your place to take it off your hands.
  3. List your junk on Craigslist. It offers a “free” section for your area. Simply list your junk, add a picture or two if you want, then wait for the replies. Regardless of whether your junk includes a non-working dishwasher, microwave or computer monitor, there is often someone out there who’ll take it.


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