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How to Buy Carpet Direct From the Mill

Many times homeowners or even business owners want to purchase nice carpeting for their home or business, but when they investigate the prices of the same, it's very expensive. There is a tried and proven method of ordering carpet direct from the carpet mills that will save both home and business owners hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

  1. Visit your local home improvement store and look at the various types of carpets. Once you have chosen a carpet that you like, write down the name of it, the collection it comes from and the SKU (much like a UPC) number on the back of the carpet. Also, you may want to take note of the price per yard so that you will be able to negotiate the same with the carpet mill or the broker representing the carpet mill. Also, make note of the SKU number and cost of the padding you will want for underneath the carpeting, as this too can be ordered direct from the carpet mill.

  2. Look in the back of a home magazine such as "Country Living" for carpet ads and addresses (online and physical) of Carpet Mills and brokers who sell at factory direct or heavily discounted prices. Select three of them so that you may make a reasonable comparison of prices of the carpet that you want.

  3. Telephone or email the carpet mills with an inquiry regarding the price that each can give you on your selection of both carpeting and pad. Be sure to ask the price of shipping and whether they will deliver directly to your home. Usual savings can be anywhere from 40 to 70 percent off retail depending on brand, grade and so forth. Many places will ship to a railway station that may not be conducive for you to pick up your order. If this is the case, you may be able to get a local delivery service in your area to pick up the carpet delivery from the nearest freight railway for a nominal charge.

  4. Ask about the approximate time of shipment and delivery as well as their shipping terms. Shipping terms dictate if it is a shipment contract whereby liability for damage (stains, rips or other possible destruction of your carpet) falls upon you as the buyer or the carrier to which the carpet is placed with, or if liability for damage remains with the carpet mill (hence a destination contract) until it is in your possession.

  5. Secure a local independent carpet installer who may install for half or less than half of his/her normal charge. Many carpet installers do side jobs for extra income and they are usually found by word of mouth. Once you have found one, schedule the installation and enjoy your new carpet.