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How to Clean Berber Carpet With a Rug Doctor

R.J. Bowman

If you want to clean berber carpet with a Rug Doctor, be aware of a few extra instructions that aren't needed for other carpet types.

  1. Pre-treat the really bad stains. You can use your favorite brand of carpet stain remover or even try a toothbrush and dish soap to scrub the spots out.

  2. Open your windows and doors before beginning to clean your berber carpet with the Rug Doctor. Consider waiting if it's a rainy day, because berber carpet doesn't dry as quickly as other carpet types. A warm, sunny day will aid in the drying process.

  3. Go over the carpet slowly with the Rug Doctor, trying not to overlap too much on each pass. Berber carpet absorbs more water than most other carpet types, so be careful not to go over the same area twice. The carpet will get too wet and could even be ruined.

  4. Allow the carpet to dry completely, keeping all windows open during the drying process. Once dry, look it over to decide if another round of cleaning with the Rug Doctor is needed.