How to Remove Carpet Stains With an Iron

Have you every experienced a day that you would like to forget? You know what kind of day I am talking about.

Remove Carpet Stains With an IronRemove Carpet Stains With an Iron
The alarm doesn't wake you. You rush out the door and forget your lunch. While driving to work, you spill coffee on your new white blouse. You finally make it to the office only to find that your secretary is sick, which means your day will be chaotic. But somehow, you make it through the day. You breathe a sigh of relief when you pull into the driveway. Home, sweet home! As you walk in the door, your dog meets you, wagging his tail, so happy to see you. Then it hits you. With the rushing that morning, you forgot to let the dog out. You immediately see it from across the room; a dark pile in the middle of the living room, lying lifeless on the light tan carpet. Your first thought is to replace all of the carpet because you know that stain will never come out. Wrong. Rest assured, you can get the stain out with a little time and effort. Using the heat transfer method, even the worst stains lift right out of carpet. Read on and I will explain how.

Gather your supplies and heat your iron to medium heat. I suggest using old cloth rags that can be thrown out. I save old towels and washcloths that i later use for cleaning. These work perfect and you won't ruin any good linen.

Clean up an excess solid product so that you can get directly to the stain. For example, if a plate of spagetti dropped on the floor, clean up the noodles.

Spray the spot with a carpet spot remover or treatment according to manufacgtures directions and allow to sit for a few minutes.

Place your cloth over the stain. Make sure that what you are using is large enough to cover the entire stained area.

Place the hot iron on top of the cloth using a slight amount of pressure. Allow the iron to remain on the cloth about 15-20 seconds.

Lift the iron off of the cloth. You should see that the stain has lifted and is now on the cloth.

Repeat as needed until the entire stain is removed.

Things You Will Need

  • Iron
  • old rags or towels
  • carpet stain remover


  • Always follow the manufacture's directions and warnings for your specific carpet
  • Be careful not to leave the iron on your carpet too long as it may burn the carpet.
  • Be careful when removing the towel or rag. Both the cloth and the carpet will be very hot to touch