How to Dry Clothes Fast

If you're tired of waiting for your clothes to finish, you're not alone. Different types of clothes have different drying times. By arranging clothing so that like clothes dry with like cloths, drying times will decrease. Load size also plays a major factor in how long it takes for clothing to dry. You can easily save energy, frustration and cut drying times for your clothes by implementing a few new strategies.

Make your dryer more efficient for faster drying times.

Step 01

Check the moisture of the wash load. If it's dripping wet, it's going to take hours to dry. All front loaders and most top loaders have a "spin and drain" cycle. This usually takes 15 to 20 minutes to run. You'll ultimately save drying time by using this.

Step 11

Once the items from the washer are damp to the touch, rather than dripping all over your floor, move the laundry to a plastic basket. Once the basket is full and level, stop. Make exceptions for large bedding items. (See Step 5)

Step 21

Separate out any large items that can ball in the wash, such as sheets, sleeping bags or table clothes, and put them back in the washing machine. These will just lead to very dry sheets with wet jeans balled in the middle.

Step 31

Do not put more than a single laundry basket full of wet clothing into the dryer at a time. Leave the rest in the washing machine for the next load. If you have a front load washer, you're probably used to stuffing it full of clothes, which is OK, the washer can take it. Your dryer, however, needs to have circulation around the clothes so the wet air can escape. A dryer overflowing with wet clothes will just circulate wet air and not dry the clothing.

Step 41

Dry large blankets or comforters by themselves or with their sheet sets. Because these items are mostly fluff and air, they still allow for circulation.

Step 51

Always clean your lint trap. If your dryer simply will not dry, check the trap. You may find a giant ball of wet lint, which won't let wet air out and dry air in.

Step 61

Use dryer balls to speed drying time.Your clothes will come out fluffier and softer too.


  • Don't start opening up your dryer if you aren't confident doing so. If you don't know anyone capable of checking, it is always best to hire someone to perform routine dryer maintenance. Call your local appliance retailer and ask for the names of good technicians in the area.

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