How to Reupholster Kitchen Chairs

Upholstered kitchen chairs can become stained and worn from years of use. The good news is they are not that hard to reupholster. Because these chairs vary in the way they were upholstered, just be careful to watch how it was done while you take them apart. Some may have an upholstered seat in a frame while others may be upholstered right over the frame. A small list of materials and tools is all you need and you're on your way to giving your kitchen chairs a makeover.

Reupholster Kitchen Chairs

Reupholster Kitchen Chairs
  1. Remove the existing seat. Depending on how it was assembled to begin with, you may be able to carefully cut the adhesive around the seat and lift it off. It may have to be pried in some way. After you get it off, clean up the frame that it either sits on or in. If there is glue on the frame, gently sand it off.

  2. Take the fabric and cushion off the base of the seat. If the base is in good condition you can reuse it. If it isn't then you can use it as a template to cut a new piece of wood. A thin plywood will work fine.

  3. Cut a piece of the fabric 3 inches larger than the seat. Cut a piece of foam just a hair larger than the base. Put some glue on the piece of foam and stick to the base.

  4. Place the piece of fabric over the foam and turn the seat upside down. Put some glue on the outer edge (about 1 inch in) of the base. Pull one side of the fabric over and staple into place. Pull the other side so that it is tight and staple. Then repeat halfway between each of these staples. Work your way around the entire seat, pulling it tight and stapling.

  5. Put a bead of wood glue around the frame of the seat and set the newly upholstered seat in the frame. Place some heavy books on the seat to press it onto the glue until it dries.