How to Haul a Refrigerator

Kayar Sprang

Whenever you're moving in or out of a home, you often need to haul a refrigerator. You may also need to transport a refrigerator if you've bought a new one. The task can be tricky, especially if you have to deal with stairways. With the help of a refrigerator dolly, you can haul this appliance with the least amount of hassle.

  1. Borrow or rent a refrigerator dolly. This type of dolly is "heavy duty," large enough to hold this cumbersome appliance. It has ratchet straps to secure the refrigerator to it. It also has stair step rollers which make it easier to move a refrigerator up and down levels.

  2. Unplug the refrigerator and remove all the food, drinks and ice cube trays. Leave wire shelves, but remove any glass shelves so they don't get broken. Wrap them in old blankets and haul them separately.

  3. Undo the ratchet straps on the dolly and pull them out to the sides so they're out of the way. Then, position the dolly so it's to the side of the refrigerator where the door(s) open. Push the top of the appliance up a little, and tilt it away from the dolly. Have your helper slide the metal shelf of the dolly all the way underneath the refrigerator.

  4. Pull the straps around the appliance and carefully slide the ends underneath the coils on the back. Run the straps around the door(s) so they won't open. Close and tighten the ratchet straps so the refrigerator is secured snugly to the dolly. Tuck the electric cord in so it's out of the way.

  5. Place your foot on the bottom frame bar of the dolly to hold it firmly in place. Get a good hold on the handles and carefully pull the dolly back towards you. Maneuver the refrigerator outside to the pick-up with your helper. Lower the tailgate and put the ramp in place.

  6. Push the dolly up onto the ramp and into the bed of the pick-up truck to haul it. Before you set it down, position the refrigerator so it's against the back of the bed. The refrigerator should ride well if you drive carefully and avoid rocking it. However, if the ride's going to be bumpy or long, use tie-down straps to secure the appliance to the pick-up.

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