How to Build a Farm Fence

A wooden farm fence can be simple but elegant.
Build a Farm FenceBuild a Farm Fence
It serves to define a property line, to keep livestock in their place and to beautify the landscape. This type fence is relatively easy to build.

Step 1

Decide the area you would like fenced, then using the post hole diggers, dig the first hole about one foot deep. Place a landscaping post upright in the hole. Using a level make sure the post is straight up and down on both sides. Fill the hole with ready mix concrete. Walk to the other end of the area you are fencing (where your fence will corner). Use a string line to keep straight with the first post and dig the second hole and set this post in concrete as well.

Step 2

Tie a string to each post about one foot off the ground. This will help you keep all the posts in a straight line.

Step 3

Once again with the post hole diggers, dig a hole every 8 feet from one post to the other. Keep the outside of the holes in line with the string to insure that they are all in a straight line.

Step 4

Move the string flush with the top of the first post. Place the string level on the string about middle way between the first and last post. Level the string at the other end of the run. With a pencil mark every post where the string is laying. Take a 2x10 board and nail it flush with the marks on the posts. If you have any extra post sticking above the top of the first board use a saw to remove it. Continue this process all the way down the run.

Step 5

Go back to the first post and measure down one foot from the bottom of the top board and tie a string there. Take the string to the other end and repeat. Mark the posts and hang the boards. Repeat this for the third run. Follow these steps all the way around your property.

Step 6

The fence can now be painted.

Things You Will Need

  • Gloves
  • Post hole diggers
  • Hammer
  • Landscaping post
  • 16 penny nails
  • 2x10 boards 8 foot long
  • Ready mix concrete
  • Roll of string
  • Level
  • String level
  • Saw
  • Paint
  • Paint brush

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